Business Opportunities in Argentina

Argentina: The Time for Business Opportunities is Here

Once again, Argentina has become an appealing arena for foreign investors, and Marval, O’Farrell & Mairal is ready to help its clients turn opportunities into real business. An ambitious plan to strengthen the domestic sources of growth was launched in 2016, and a series of measures have been implemented to create an appropriate environment for future investments.



Agribusiness: A Climate of Opportunities

In the last twenty years, the agri-food industry in Argentina underwent a profound technological and organizational transformation. New production systems, along with the implementation of biotechnology, the use of agrochemicals and fertilizers, and privileged natural...

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A new legal framework to boost local startups

Argentina is one of the most innovative tech hubs of Latin America and hometown to several of the pan-regional “unicorns”. However, it lacked until now an adequate legal framework to fund startups through venture capital, crowdfunding platforms or seed capital. The...

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Marta Cruz explains the new Entrepreneurship Law

With the enactment of the Law of Entrepreuners, Marta Cruz, president of the Argentine Association of Private, Entrepreneur and Seed Capital, (ARCAP after its Spanish acronym), shares her views about the investment opportunities that these innovations in the...

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Mariano Mayer – Entrepreneurship Law

On March 29, the Senate passed the Law of Entrepreuners, that intends to promote entrepreneurial activity and develop entrepreneurial capital, promoting investment through the creation of a crowdfunding system and a new corporate type named Simplified Corporations...

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