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Agricultural Law in Argentina – Summary

Argentina is recognised as one of the world’s leading food producers and exporters.

Due to the competitive advantages relating to soil properties, rainfall and climate, Argentina is one of the lowest cost producers of agricultural commodities in the world. During the 1990s, the agricultural industry in Argentina experienced a significant increase in production and yield due to:

  • Sustained agricultural modernisation.
  • Changes in production (crops verses livestock).
  • Changes in land concentration.

Since 1994, Argentina has experienced an expansion of agricultural production as a result of changes in production systems, the implementation of “no-till” technology, biotechnology, and the increased use of agrochemicals, fertilisers and irrigation.

Argentina was the first Latin American country to implement an organised system of assessing the biosafety of genetically modified crops, through the creation of a regulatory framework for the implementation of activities with Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs).

Argentina currently has more than 30 events (that is, unique DNA recombination events that took place in one plant cell, which was then used to generate entire transgenic plants) approved on soybean, cotton and corn, which mainly introduce insect resistance and herbicide tolerance. In recent seasons, corn with accumulated events has also been adopted.

The Argentine agricultural industry is subject to a wide range of regulations relating to:

  • Crop and dairy production.
  • Agricultural lease agreements (see below, Farming and animal husbandry agreements).
  • Health and agri-food quality (see below, Regulation and control of agri-food production (
  • Agricultural commerce.
  • Export controls and taxes.
  • Foreign exchange controls.
  • Marks and brands on livestock (see below, Livestock (
  • Environmental matters (see below, Environment (

This chart aims to describe the more significant regulations applying to the industry (Click to zoom).

Aricultural law in Argentina

Aricultural law in Argentina

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