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ARSAT to tender for 4G antennas

ARSAT will boost the installation of 4G antennas in the operational sites it owns in Argentina through a bidding process that will begin in July 2017.

The Argentine Company of Satellite Solutions Corporation (ARSAT), a state entity, will begin a bidding process for the installation of 4G antennas on the sites it owns throughout the country in July this year.

The main objective of ARSAT is to boost the installation of antennas in these sites to improve the services of mobile communications providers.

As reported by the National Entity of Communications (ENACOM), last April, Argentina had a total of 12,386 antennas to deploy 4G technologies, each of which serves 3,575 inhabitants.  40% of these antennas are located in the City of Buenos Aires, so each of them serves about 2,624 people.  In other countries such as Brazil and Japan, the ratio of inhabitants per antenna is lower: for example, San Pablo (Brazil), has an antenna every 1,947 citizens, and Tokyo (Japan), one every 99 inhabitants.

Since each of the cell sites is only capable of providing connections to a certain number of devices, boosting the installation of these antennas in the sites owned by ARSAT is one of the alternatives to improve mobile communications services. This is particularly important  in small towns that often have difficulties accessing 4G, because municipal governments often impose restrictions on operators for the installation of new antennas.

Another advantage that those who are awarded in the bidding process will count on is that the land has a direct access to the backbone fiber optic network of ARSAT.

In sum, the increase in the number of antennas boosted by the ARSAT bidding process will undoubtedly improve mobile communications services throughout the country.

Daniel F. Di Paola



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