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Mariano Mayer – Entrepreneurship Law

On March 29, the Senate passed the Law of Entrepreuners, that intends to promote entrepreneurial activity and develop entrepreneurial capital, promoting investment through the creation of a crowdfunding system and a new corporate type named Simplified Corporations (SAS, after its Spanish acronym), that will benefit from a more dynamic legal framework and a simplified registration mechanism.

One of the main driving forces behind this law was Mariano Mayer, the Secretary of Entrepreuners and Small and Medium Enterprises. A lawyer graduated from the Universidad Austral in 2000, Mayer attended several graduate programs in Corporate Law and Finances at the same university and at the CEDEF. He participated actively in start-ups and the creation of new enterprises, giving advice to both entrepreneurs and potential investors.

Besides teaching at several institutions dedicated to promote entrepreneurial activity in Argentina, in 2013, he was appointed Head of the General Direction of Entrepreneurship of the City of Buenos Aires, and, since December 2015, he is in charge of the Secretary of Entrepreneurs and Small and Medium Enterprises, which belongs to Argentina’s Ministry of Production.

Regarding the new law, Mayer holds that it will allow entrepreneurs to overcome two of the main obstacles they face when they try to carry out their projects: the time consumed by the legal and tax requirements to create an enterprise, and the lack of financing.

To promote investments, the law establishes a crowdfunding system, and to shorten the time frame and simplify the entrepreuner’s tasks, it creates a new type of corporations that will allow to minimize the procedures required to start an enterprise.

For more information read this post (in spanish)

Mariano Mayer

National Secretary for Entrepreneurs and SMEs, Ministry of Production.


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