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New tech startup accelerator in Argentina

Since March 2017, benefits for the entrepreneurial sector in Argentina have been growing. The government aims to empower independent projects in the country, and is already achieving its goal due to the recently approved legal framework.

The sanction of the Entrepreneurial Law led to the creation of opportunities for Argentine startups in need of financing. It also simplified the legal requirements and procedures.

These measures inspired the founders of Globant to create a new tech startup accelerator in Argentina: Globant Ventures. The initiative was selected by the Argentine Federal Government under the Fondo Fiduciario Para el Desarrollo de Capital Emprendedor (FONDCE) to co-invest in startups of up to USD 100.000 each with a minimum of 3 investments and a maximum of 10 per year.

The accelerator is focused on high impact emerging technologies with sustainable value propositions. The startups chosen to be accelerated will receive a program that includes mentoring, training, coaching and even a coworking space to develop their projects.

EY Argentina, Marval, O’Farrell & Mairal and Endeavor will be partnering with Globant in the mentoring of the entrepreneurs. They will guide the project in navigation, value creation, and protection and enhancement of the company.

Endeavor’s María Julia Bearzi explained, during the official presentation of Globant Ventures, that the mentoring team will work alongside the “accelerated entrepreneur”. Endeavor will be focused on the growth strategy and the search for solutions with the rest of the mentors.

Meanwhile, Pablo de Gregorio of EY added that the implementation of a business model usually encounters many obstacles, and the mentor’s role will be to “help contain the entrepreneur’s problems.”

Regarding legal guidance, Marval, O’Farrell & Mairal will help entrepreneurs build up a legally sustainable business, so that they can guarantee an accounting organization, develop agility to prevent conflicts and prepare a rapid crisis plan where necessary.

Marval acknowledges that legal and accounting matters can be a hassle for entrepreneurs, because they seem to be a waste of time for those who are not interested in these issues. Time is particularly essential for technology startups; which is why the law firm will focus on securing the project in its initial steps.

Any tech startup can request to participate in the accelerator program: Global Ventures only requires the participants to send a video in which the entrepreneur presents the startup or project; its team and founders; explains its technological contribution; and how and by which means it is going to be achieved.

At Marval, we strongly support the development of tech startups and are proud of being part of this accelerating program to boost the Argentine entrepreneurial sector.

For further information, visit Globant Ventures’ website at https://www.globantventures.com.

Hernán Slemenson



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