New tech startup accelerator in Argentina

Since March 2017, benefits for the entrepreneurial sector in Argentina have been growing. The government aims to empower independent projects in the country, and is already achieving its goal due to the recently approved legal framework. The sanction of the...

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Argentina receives first PPP road project bids of the year

Public-Private Partnership projects (PPP) became a reality this week as Argentina received the first bids for road auctions. After the Government set a new framework, which seeks to attract foreign investments in the country, the PPP road contracts marked the...

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Public-Private Partnership: Latin American experiences

A recent report from The Economist Intelligence Unit, commissioned by the BID (The 2017 Infrascope: Evaluating the environment for public-private partnerships in Latin America and the Caribbean) evaluates the capacity of 19 Latin America countries to channel private...

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ARSAT to tender for 4G antennas

ARSAT will boost the installation of 4G antennas in the operational sites it owns in Argentina through a bidding process that will begin in July 2017. The Argentine Company of Satellite Solutions Corporation (ARSAT), a state entity, will begin a bidding process for...

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Argentina: Agricultural Real Estate Acquisition Process

Since the 2015 presidential election in Argentina, the new administration has placed an emphasis on foreign investment. Now, the real estate landscape in Argentina looks to be a promising investment strategy for Argentines and foreigners alike. To be competitive with...

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Argentina at the top of the world satellite industry

A recent report by the international consulting firm Euroconsult ranks Argentina among the five most important regions for the global satellite industry. The report, titled “Satellites to be built & launched by 2025 world market survey”, includes a detailed...

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Agribusiness: A Climate of Opportunities

In the last twenty years, the agri-food industry in Argentina underwent a profound technological and organizational transformation. New production systems, along with the implementation of biotechnology, the use of agrochemicals and fertilizers, and privileged natural...

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A new legal framework to boost local startups

Argentina is one of the most innovative tech hubs of Latin America and hometown to several of the pan-regional “unicorns”. However, it lacked until now an adequate legal framework to fund startups through venture capital, crowdfunding platforms or seed capital. The...

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Argentina: Permissive Uses of Rural Land by Foreigners

Our first installment highlighted the limitations and restrictions of the Rural Lands Law (“RLL” or “Rural Lands Law”)[1] on the foreign ownership of rural lands in Argentina (see #1 - Argentina: Restrictions on Rural Lands by Foreigners). Enacted in December 2011,...

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