Marta Cruz explains the new Entrepreneurship Law

With the enactment of the Law of Entrepreuners, Marta Cruz, president of the Argentine Association of Private, Entrepreneur and Seed Capital, (ARCAP after its Spanish acronym), shares her views about the investment opportunities that these innovations in the...

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Mariano Mayer – Entrepreneurship Law

On March 29, the Senate passed the Law of Entrepreuners, that intends to promote entrepreneurial activity and develop entrepreneurial capital, promoting investment through the creation of a crowdfunding system and a new corporate type named Simplified Corporations...

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New measures introduced to encourage foreign investment

Since the Macri administration took office in December 2015, several resolutions have been passed to encourage and simplify foreign investments in Argentina. Two recent Central Bank regulations relate to: •  the relaxation of additional foreign exchange restrictions;...

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Vaca Muerta: The Road to Energy Autonomy

Everybody is talking about it, but what is the real attraction of Vaca Muerta? Why is it so important to foster the development of this resource? To begin with, Vaca Marta is not a single field, but a sedimentary formation from the Jurassic Age with a surface of...

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Public-Private Partnership Contracts Bill

On November 16, 2016 the Senate approved the bill on Public-Private Partnership contracts (the “PPP regime”) proposed by the Federal Executive Branch (“PEN”, after its Spanish acronym). The PPP Regime was published in the Official Gazette on November 30, 2016, as Law...

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A New Legal Framework for Public Private Partnership

The Senate voted, by a large majority, in favor of the approval, with amendments, of the Federal Executive Branch’s bill to establish a new regime for Public-Private Partnership. This new regime seeks, essentially, to allow a balanced and predictable collaboration...

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Infrastructure: in Search of Synergy

After months of discussion, the Argentine Congress finally passed the bill that will put in place a new scheme of Public-Private Partnership (PPP) contracts. This new regime, submitted by the National Executive Branch, seeks to allow a balanced and predictable...

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Business Opportunities in Argentina: the Technology Industry

Argentina is a favorable jurisdiction for those seeking to do business in the technology industry. The new government that took power in late 2015 has shown a proactive attitude towards fostering technology in general for the public and private sectors. For example,...

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